domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2007

Nazgul - De Expugnatione Elfmuth

2.Hult-Garth (Qui Inferorum Animas Excitat)
4.Dies festi...
5.In Summis Montibus
6.Nigrum Praesagium
7.Impetus Quartae Lunae Novae
8.Caelum Obscuratur
9.Legio Draconorum Orkian
10.Natura Cadit
11.Charcharon (Damnosus Impetus)
12.Solvitur Ad Elfmuth (Ante Bellum)
13.Bellum (Humanes Resistentes Superavit)
Pass: The Black Legions

sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2007

Urgehal - Rise of the Monument (1995)

1.Maatte Blodet Flomme04:56[view lyrics]
2.Souls Of Black Blood07:15
3.Fortarl Av Skogens Skapninger03:51
4.En Legende Av Morket04:08
5.Towards Dimension Unseen05:21
6.The Forest Of Illusion04:42
Total playing time30:13

get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Black Metal

Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse (1994)

2.Into The Infinity Of Thoughts08:14[view lyrics]
3.The Burning Shadows Of Silence05:36[view lyrics]
4.Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times06:06[view lyrics]
5.Beyond The Great Vast Forest06:01[view lyrics]
6.Towards the Pantheon05:57[view lyrics]
7.The Majesty Of The Nightsky04:54[view lyrics]
8.I Am The Black Wizards06:01[view lyrics]
9.Inno A Satana04:48[view lyrics]
Total playing time48:29

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Symphonic Black Metal (early), Symphonic Extreme Metal (later)

Wyrd - Tuonela (2006)

2.Ominous Insomnia (demo version)07:25[view lyrics]
Total playing time15:55

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Pagan Black Metal

Wyrd - Kammen (2007)

1.The Hounds of the Falls10:15[view lyrics]
2.Cold in the Earth04:52[view lyrics]
3.October07:27[view lyrics]
4.These Empty Rooms05:47[view lyrics]
5.Kammen05:29[view lyrics]
6.The Last Time06:48[view lyrics]
7.Rajalla17:53[view lyrics]
8.Soulburn06:32[view lyrics]
9.I Break (Katatonia cover)04:24[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:09:27

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Pagan Black Metal

Destructor Mosh - Violent Rehearsall (2007)

1.Nuclear Devastation

2.Useless Priest
[view lyrics]
3.Thrashers Minds
[view lyrics]
4.Society In Decadence

5.Destructor Mosh
[view lyrics]
Total playing time17:57

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pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Thrash Metal from Chile

Dark Messiah - Rise of Black Dawn (2007)

1.Religious Sheep04:01
2.Antichristian Sins04:08
3.Black Storm of Hate03:38
4.Wrath Rules this World03:03
5.Mirrored Reality04:22
Total playing time19:06

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pass: cirithgorgor

Behexen - Blessed Be the Darkness (1998)

1.Saatanan Varjon Synkkyydessä06:00[view lyrics]
2.The Flames Of The Blasphemer05:58
3.Blessed Be The Darkness05:10
Total playing time17:08

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Black Metal

Walknut - Graveforests and Their Shadows (2007)

2.Motherland Ostenvegr10:32[view lyrics]
3.Come, Dreadful Ygg10:55[view lyrics]
4.The Midnightforest of The Runes04:30
5.Grim Woods11:44[view lyrics]
Total playing time42:52

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Atmospheric Black Metal

Horna - Pimeyden Hehku (2007)

2.Avain Tuhossani04:41
3.Kirotun Käden Kosketus04:14
4.Verisellä Ovella05:38
Total playing time20:06

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pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Black Metal

Vital Remains - Excruciating Pain (demo)

2.Human Sacrifice
4.Fallen Angels
5.Excruciating Pain
6.Nocturnal Blasphemy


Pass: The Black Legions

Neoandertals - Neanderthals Were Master Butchers (2007)

1.Neanderthals Were Master Butchers03:45[view lyrics]
2.Defleshing the Cadaver Before Burial03:00[view lyrics]
3.Sliced By Man03:03[view lyrics]
4.The Mysterious Demise03:14[view lyrics]
5.Rebirth Of An Ancient Menace03:23[view lyrics]
6.Spawning Of Species01:55[view lyrics]
7.Abolition03:41[view lyrics]
8.Neo-Neanderthals Travelling Through Consumed Continents03:17[view lyrics]
9.Brooding Over A Dead Breed04:20[view lyrics]
Total playing time29:38

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Brutal Death/Grind

Vader - Beware The Beast (2007)

Set List:
01 - Dark Transmission (333.version)
02 - Stranger in the Mirror

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pass: cirithgorgor

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2007

Graupel - Als der Nebel ... (2001)

1.Intro01:00[view lyrics]
2.Graupel02:57[view lyrics]
3.Seelenkampf03:59[view lyrics]
4.Zwergennacht04:19[view lyrics]
5.Ringgeister04:39[view lyrics]
6.Kriegerherz04:20[view lyrics]
7.Weiß Wie Schnee (bonus track)03:30[view lyrics]
Total playing time24:44
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pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Raw Black Metal

The Old Dead Tree - The Water Fields (2007)

1.Start The Fire03:33[view lyrics]
2.Don't Wake Me Up (Those Who Never Wear White)02:27[view lyrics]
3.Dive04:51[view lyrics]
4.What's Done Is Done05:06
5.The Water Fields05:02
6.Is Your Soul For Sale?04:10[view lyrics]
7.A Distant Light Was Shining03:46[view lyrics]
8.Regarding Kate04:39[view lyrics]
9.Rise To The Occasion05:44
11.This Is Now Farewell04:57
Total playing time46:54

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Shatter Messiah - God Burns Like Flesh (2007

2.God Burns Like Flesh02:48
3.Hidden Track04:17
5.Stripped of Faith03:56
6.Dirge of the Christ05:48
7.Buried in Black07:04
8.This is the Day04:23
9.Tommorow Immortal07:00
Total playing time44:40

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Power/Thrash Metal

jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007

Vital Remains - Dawn Of The Apocalypse

02.Black Magick Curse
03.Dawn of the Apocalypse
04.Sanctity in Blasphemous Ruin
05.Came No Ray of Light
06.Flag of Victory
07.Behold the Throne of Chaos
08.The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
09.Societe des Luciferiens


Pass: The Black Legion

Requiem (Che) - Formed at Birth (2003)

1.River Of Blood04:10
2.Child Of A New Generation04:27
3.Mind Control03:44
4.Formed At Birth04:45
6.Sentenced To Death03:52
7.Murder U.S.A.04:18
9.Living In Misery03:31
10.Murder U.S.A. (Blackbird Remix)03:47
11.Fuck-Kill-Die (Brutal Death Version)01:00
Total playing time37:51

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Death Metal

Forest of Impaled - Rise And Conquer (2007)

1.Rise And Conquer04:58[view lyrics]
2.Beyond All05:54[view lyrics]
3.Take The Throne05:31[view lyrics]
4.Cleansing Ablaze04:40[view lyrics]
5.Nil Desperandum06:50[view lyrics]
6.Blessed Are We05:36[view lyrics]
7.When Warriors Led05:38[view lyrics]
8.Schizophrenia07:28[view lyrics]
Total playing time46:35

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Genocide Kommando - Black Metal Supremacy (2002)

1.War Dogs Attack04:13
2.Era of Terror04:08
3.Storm Obliteration03:33
4.Clouds of Human Dust04:22
5.Nuclear Devastation04:13
6.Black Metal Supremacy03:54
7.Satanic Terror03:05
8.Apocalyptic Prophecy04:21
Total playing time31:49

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Shaman (Bra) - Immortal (2007)

2.Inside Chains04:23
3.Tribal By Blood04:17
5.One Life05:03
6.In The Dark04:17
9.Never Yield04:47
10.The Yellow Brick Road08:18
Total playing time48:57

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Annihilation Text - Defamation Manifesto (2007)

1.Malignant Prophecy03:18
2.Swine of the Cloth03:33
3.Psalm Mute02:41
4.Blasphemous Rebellion02:39
5.Vengeful Conquest03:31
6.Shepherds of Pestilence03:22
Total playing time19:04

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2007

Inquisition (Col) - Nefarious Dismal Orations (2007)

1.Ancient Monumental War Hymn05:43[view lyrics]
2.Nocturnal Gatherings and Wicked Rites05:37[view lyrics]
3.Strike of the Morning Star05:03[view lyrics]
4.Through the Infinite Sphere Our Majesty Shall Rise05:36[view lyrics]
5.Infernal Evocation of Torment02:56[view lyrics]
6.Where Darkness is Lord and Death the Beginning07:20[view lyrics]
7.Nefarious Dismal Orations04:11[view lyrics]
8.Enter the Cult03:38
9.Before the Symbol of Satan We Vow and Praise05:57[view lyrics]
Total playing time46:01

Get here or die! (requested)
pass: cirithgorgor

Inquisition (Col) - Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer (2004)

1.Baptized in Black Goat Blood03:37[view lyrics]
2.Crush the Jewish Prophet02:54[view lyrics]
3.Under the Black Inverted Pentagram05:09[view lyrics]
4.Of Blood and Darkness We are Born04:27[view lyrics]
5.Dark Mutilation Rites04:07[view lyrics]
6.Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer04:19[view lyrics]
7.Impaled by the Cryptic Horns of Baphomet03:18[view lyrics]
8.We Summon the Winds of Fire (For the Burning of All Holiness)04:15[view lyrics]
9.Eternal Loyalty to Our Lord Satan05:19[view lyrics]
Total playing time51:10

Get here or die! (Requested)
pass: cirithgorgor

Vital Remains - Forever Underground

1. Forever Underground
2. Battle Ground
3. I am God
4. Farewell to the Messiah
5. Eastern Journey
6. Divine in Fire
Pass: The Black Legions

Isenheim - Isenheim/Uruk-Hai split 2003

1.Sunrise in a Forgotten Land of Shadows04:44

2.The Winter Falls Over the Southern Lands04:04

Total playing time 08:48

pass: vhohell

Legion of Doom & Stutthof - Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood (Split) (2007).

1.Unholy Lord04:29
2.The Infernal Legions04:05
3.Ishtar... Queen Of The Battle01:27
4.Cursing Ritual06:38

5.The Mystery Of Unholy Flesh02:40
6.Beyond The Forest Of Infernal Devastation04:29
7.Battles From Beyond02:27
8.An Ode To Thee Ancient Great Goddess04:32
9.And Cosmos From Ashes To Dust05:07
10.Left Hand Path... The Art Of Sorcery06:25

Total playing time 42:19

pass: vhohell

genere(s): black metal
origin: Greece ambas bandas

Hexenwood - Regevandor 2007

4.Aradia's Ashes07:48
7.Hymn to the Deep of the Sea10:51
8.Hopewood (Bonus)10:50

Total playing time01:00:30

pass: vhohell

Genre(s):Black Metal with Folk Elements
Lyrical theme(s):Naturalistic
Origin:Hungary (Szeged)

Forn Valdyrheim - Reminisce Eternity 2005

1.Enthrall the Night's Grandeur01:34
2.Across the Icy Fogs and Mists08:47[view lyrics]
3.Beyond the Gate07:24[view lyrics]
4.Surpassing the Nether Halls03:08
5.Transient Ascendance08:35[view lyrics]
6.Through the Reflection of Time14:35[view lyrics]
7.Of Wisdom and Enlightenment02:04
8.On the Winds of Eternity07:15[view lyrics]
9.Autumn Embark12:50
Total playing time01:06:12
pass: vhohell
Genre(s):Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Darkness, death, solitude etc
Origin:Australia (Brisbane, QLD)

Animus Herilis - Salvatio Regni 2004

1.L'ange De Mort05:20[view lyrics]
2.Ansi Soit-Il04:39[view lyrics]
3.Salvatio Regni03:02[view lyrics]

Total playing time13:01

pass: vhohell
Genre(s):Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Annihilation of christianity
Origin:France (Le Creusot)

martes, 25 de septiembre de 2007

Discografía Einherjer

Originally released as a demo in 1994
Rereleased as MCD in 1996 and in 2000
1.De Sorte Sjøers Land05:36[view lyrics]
2.Aurora Borealis07:11[view lyrics]
3.Witchking06:17[view lyrics]
4.Einherjer04:55[view lyrics]
Total playing time24:07

Get here or die!

1.Dragons of the North04:14[view lyrics]
2.Dreamstorm06:29[view lyrics]
3.Forever Empire06:43[view lyrics]
4.Conquerer07:04[view lyrics]
5.Fimbul Winter04:44[view lyrics]
6.Storms of the Elder07:54[view lyrics]
7.Slaget Ved Hafrsfjord06:03[view lyrics]
8.Ballad of the Swords04:58[view lyrics]
Total playing time48:09

Get here or die!

Naar Hammeren Heves & Naar Aftensolen Rinner are re-recorded versions,
originally released as
the legendary 7" "Leve Vikingånden"
1.Far Far North07:11[view lyrics]
2.Naar Hammeren Heves05:21[view lyrics]
3.Naar Aftensolen Rinner07:46[view lyrics]
Total playing time20:18

Get here or die!

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by legendary guitarist Andy La Rocque of King
Diamond and Death fame.
1.Leve Vikingeaanden01:35
2.Out Of Ginnungagap05:38[view lyrics]
3.Clash Of The Elder05:19[view lyrics]
4.Odin Owns Ye All04:35[view lyrics]
5.Remember Tokk05:31[view lyrics]
6.Home07:16[view lyrics]
7.The Pathfinder And The Prophetess03:42[view lyrics]
8.Inferno04:51[view lyrics]
9.A New Earth06:52[view lyrics]
Total playing time45:19
Get here or die!

1.Wyrd Of The Dead04:51[view lyrics]
2.Doomfaring04:45[view lyrics]
3.Hugin's Eyes04:15[view lyrics]
4.Burning Yggdrasil05:23[view lyrics]
5.Crimson Rain05:17[view lyrics]
6.Howl Ravens Come05:05[view lyrics]
7.Draconian Umpire05:30[view lyrics]
8.Regicide04:23[view lyrics]
Total playing time39:29

Get here or die!

Blot cover (Click to see larger picture)

2.Ironbound03:41[view lyrics]
3.Dead Knight's Rite05:34[view lyrics]
4.Wolf-Age04:44[view lyrics]
5.The Eternally Damned03:01[view lyrics]
6.Ware Her Venom05:57[view lyrics]
7.Hammar Haus08:02[view lyrics]
8.Starkad04:18[view lyrics]
9.Ride the Gallows06:48[view lyrics]
10.Ingen Grid04:06[view lyrics]
11.Berserkergang05:55[view lyrics]
12.Venomtongue06:25[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:00:09

get here or die!

Pass for all: cirithgorgor
Exerlente norwegian viking metal!

Vital Remains - Into Cold Darkness

1.Immortal Crusade
2.Under the Moon's Fog
3.Crown of the Black Hearts
4.Scrolls of a Millennium Past
5.Into Cold Darkness
6.Descent Into Hell
7.Angels of Blasphemy
8.Dethroned Emperor
Pass: The Black Legions

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2007

Stigea (Mex) - El Día Final (2007)

1.Bajo La Tempestad

2.Cadenas de Fuego
3.El Centinela
4.El Día Final
5.Ganaste La Batalla, Más No La Guerra
7.Junto A Tí
8.La Visión
9.Las Manos Vacias
10.Lluvia Negra
11.Lobos De La Guarda
12.Tus Alas

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
death thrash desde méxico, subido tu demo compadre!

Darkthrone - F.O.A.D. (2007) LINK NUEVO

"F.O.A.D." is an acronym for "Fuck Off And Die" which is the fifth track of the
1.These Shores Are Damned05:04
2.Canadian Metal04:44[view lyrics]
3.The Church of Real Metal04:37
4.The Banners of Old04:40
5.Fuck Off and Die03:52
6.Splitkein Fever04:45
7.Raised on Rock03:27
8.Pervertor of the 7 Gates04:25
9.Wisdom of the Dead04:43[view lyrics]
Total playing time40:17

Get here or die!
Corregido con link nuevo!!
pass: cirithgorgor

Vital Remains - Let Us Pray

1. War In Paradise
2. Of Pure Unholiness
3. Ceremony Of The Seventh Circle
4. Uncultivated Grave
5. Malevolent Invocation
6. Isolated Magick
7. Cult Of The Dead
8. Frozen Terror
9. Amulet Of The Conquering
Pass: The Black Legions

domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2007

Darkthrone - F.O.A.D. (2007)

"F.O.A.D." is an acronym for "Fuck Off And Die" which is the fifth track of the
1.These Shores Are Damned05:04
2.Canadian Metal04:44[view lyrics]
3.The Church of Real Metal04:37
4.The Banners of Old04:40
5.Fuck Off and Die03:52
6.Splitkein Fever04:45
7.Raised on Rock03:27
8.Pervertor of the 7 Gates04:25
9.Wisdom of the Dead04:43[view lyrics]
Total playing time40:17

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Cirith Gorgor - Cirith Gorgor (2007)

Der Untergang / Победа!!! = The Downfall /
1.Total Annihilation06:10[view lyrics]
2.The Black Hordes08:54[view lyrics]
3.Demonic Incarnation06:22[view lyrics]
4.Ritual07:26[view lyrics]
5.Master Of Dark Sorcery04:50[view lyrics]
6.Warcry Of The Southern Lands07:47[view lyrics]
7.Der Untergang / Победа!!!09:36[view lyrics]
Total playing time51:05

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Tristania - Sanguine Sky (2007)

Ab Initio is a bonus track on some versions of the album Illumination.
1.Sanguine Sky03:50[view lyrics]
2.Ab Initio05:43[view lyrics]
3.Mercyside04:39[view lyrics]
Total playing time14:12

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Jaded Heart (Germany) - Sinister Mind (2007)

01 Hero
02 Justice is Deserved
03 Sinister Mind
04 Going Under
05 See the Light
06 Open Your Eyes
07 My Eagers Red
08 Always On My Mind
09 Heavenly Devotion
10 To Please and Give In
11 Hellucinate
12 Crush That Fear

get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Vendetta (UK) - Tyranny Of Minority (2007)

2.Generation Kill04:56
3.I Executioner04:34
4.Transcendence Part I (Doorways Of The Mind)04:50
5.Golden Boy04:13
6.Red Skies05:54
7.Plastic God04:12
8.Bones To Dust03:37
9.Lost Cause04:41
10.All Fall Down04:38
11.No Safe Hole04:13
12.Transcendence Part II (Window Of The Soul)06:17
Total playing time53:13

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Heavy Metal

A Tortured Soul - Kiss Of The Thorn (2007)

Eyes Like Snow is a Division of Northern Silence Productions
1.Tomorrow's Door05:19
2.Not Tonight04:52
4.Little Girl05:33
5.Cut And Bleed03:02
6.Altar Of Sangria03:47
7.Kiss Of The Thorn03:31
9.The Chain04:06
Total playing time46:52

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Clair de Lune Morte - Just Seconds (2007)

1.Primer Acto04:03
2.Segundo Acto05:00
3.Tercer Acto06:54
Total playing time15:57

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Atmospheric gothic doom metal from Chile

Nadiwrath - Nadiwrath (2007)

2.Winter Nights03:45
3.Eyes Full of Vengeance05:40
Total playing time16:54

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Ulfsdalir - Jera - Im Weltenkreis (2007)

An unreleased album from 2003.
1.Algiz: Anfang - Ginnungsgagap - Jötunheim - Geburt00:40
2.Ansuz: Luft - Frühling - Ljoffalheim - Morgen09:08
3.Fehu: Feuer - Sommer - Muspelsheim - Tag03:59
4.Berkano: Erde - Herbst - Midgard - Abend08:56
5.Isa: Eis - Winter - Niflheim - Nacht06:49
6.Yr: Erde - Ragnarök - Vanaheim - Tod06:05
Total playing time35:37

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor
Genre(s) Melodic Black Metal

Kandaon - Kandaon / War Unleashed (2007)

Re-release of the 2005 demo + bonus and previously unreleased tracks
1.Daoi Carpates03:10
4.Rememberance (Demo Version)01:42
5.A New Begining00:59
6.Fake God (Demo Version)04:28
8.Oda Carpatilor22:02
9.Hordes Of Nebulah (Darkthrone Cover)05:28
Total playing time46:41

Get here or die!
pass: cirithgorgor

Genre(s) Pagan/Black Metal