viernes, 31 de agosto de 2007

Poema Arcanus - Iconoclast

Excelente Doom nacional, sobre todo la cancion ''Elegia'' que trasmite muchas cosas, Muy bueno este album.
1. Walls?
2. The Crawling Mirrors
3. Elegia
4. Chaman
5. Elixir
6. Iconoclast
7. She Bruns Us
8. Rite
9. Distances
10. Impressions
11. Desintegracion
12. Burnt
13. And Thou Shall Obey
Pass: The Black Legions

Tsjuder - Throne of the Goat (1997)

2.Throne Of The Goat04:33
3.Dying Spirits05:25[view lyrics]
Total playing time11:47

Download here

pass: cirithgorgor
True norwegian Black metal, a pedido por el compadre belial.

Nazxul - Demo (1994)

01 - Hymn Of A Dying Moon (3:06)
02 - Vermis Mysteris (4:11)
03 - Eternum (4:02)
04 - Eden (3:37)

Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Exelente black australiano, demo de culto.

Impious Havoc - Maleficum 2007

1.Harbingers Of A New Era 04:06
2.To The Chambers 03:47
3.Black Presence 05:11
4.My Sign 06:23
5.Insanity 04:50
6.Desert Filth 05:01
7.A Night 04:31
8.Dead And Forgotten 04:10

Total playing time 38:04

pass: vhohell

Genre(s):Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Blasphemy, death, destruction, Satan
Origin:Finland (Huittinen)

Amalek (Ger) - Die Rückkehr Wotans 2007

1.14 Worte
2.Die Rückkehr Wotans
4.Die Wiedergebuhrt der Sonne
6.Der schwarze Bote
8.Alter Ritus

pass: vhohell

Genre(s):Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Paganism, Nationalism
Origin:Germany (Sachsen)

Barad Dûr (Ger) - Dunkelheit 1999

1.Intro & Kämpfer der Vergangenheit 05:26
2.Fühl die Essens 03:44
3.Dunkelheit 02:36
4.Granwolf 06:26
5.Tod oder Ewigkeit 04:39
6.Land ohne Götter 03:33
7.Outro 02:29
8.Barad Dûr 05:51
9.Diener Satans 07:06

Total playing time 41:50

pass. vhohell

Genre(s):Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Paganism, Satanism
Origin:Germany (Erfurt)

Lycanthropy's Spell - Forest Of Misanthropy ( best of 2007)

1.Luna Reflections 01:56
2.Immortal Hordes 05:07
3.In A Raging Battle 04:45
4.Horns Of War 02:49
5.Dreams Of The Dead Emperor 06:42
6.Cemetery Lights 05:26
7.Nocturnal Forest In The Moonlight 06:35
8.Tale Of The Witch 06:20
9.Requiem 12:48
10.Under The Cold Fullmoon (Moonblood Cover) 06:36[view lyrics]
11.The Final Song 10:31
12.Midnight Symphony 04:50

Total playing time 01:14:25

pass: vhohell

Genre(s)Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)Lycanthropy, Death, War
Origin: Belgium (Oostmalle

jueves, 30 de agosto de 2007

Arch Enemy - Revolution Begins (2007)

The video has made for this song, the video will contain images live and
backstage in the concert of London of August 17.
1.Revolution Begins04:11
2.Blood On Your Hands04:41
3.Walk In The Shadows (Queensrÿche Cover)03:07[view lyrics]
4.I Am Legend/Out For Blood (Live)05:36[view lyrics]
Total playing time17:35
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Melodic death sueco, no hace falta más presentación.

Vital Remains - Icons Of Evil

Vital Remains, mas que demostrado quedo en este ultimo album el death metal de los mil demonios que puede llegar a crear, mas todavia alli a cargo de la voz de Glen Benton.

01. Where Is Your God Now

02. Icons of Evil

3. Scorned

4. Born to Rape the World

5. Reborn The Upheaval of Nihility

6. Hammer Down the Nails

7. Shrapnel Embedded Flesh

8. 'Til Death

9. In Infamy

10. Disciples of Hell

Pass: The Black Legions

Necrogrind - The Blood Way (2007)

The Blood Way cover (Click to see larger picture)

2.My Pain My Rage02:56
3.When Earth Was Born02:09
4.Decomposition Of A Human Race02:10
5.Bloody Way Of Achievement Of Pleasure02:34
6.Instinct Of Nemesis02:53
8.Human Error01:58
9.Teror Is Terror02:14
10.With Each New Child The New Harm Is Born04:32
11.Age Of New Era (bonus)01:52
12.Death To All (bonus)01:11
13.Craving For Carnage (bonus)02:47
Total playing time30:51
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Grind death a la vena desde francia, enjoy!

Arkhon Infaustus - Perdition Insanabilis (2004)

Vinyl edition limited to 500 items, Digipack edition limited to 3.000 items.

1.Genesis Of Loss01:17
2.M33 Constellation05:47
3.Abortion Of The Kathavatthu05:15
4.Six Seals Salvation05:51
5.Saturn Motion Theology05:15
6.Oratio Descendere05:06
7.Profanis Codex LXVI05:00
8.Whirlwind Journey05:42
9.Absurd Omega Revelation02:19
Total playing time41:32
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Exelente Black metal con tintes "death" desde francia, a pedido.

Sadus - A Vision of Misery (2007) Remasterizado

Remastered and re-released in August 2007 on Displeased Records with liner
notes from Steve Di Gorgio, discography and lyrics (even for the bonus tracks)
and the following bonus material:
- DVD with 2 live gigs and behind the scenes featurette.
1.Through The Eyes Of Greed04:15[view lyrics]
2.Valley Of Dry Bones02:20[view lyrics]
3.Machines03:50[view lyrics]
4.Slave To Misery03:59[view lyrics]
5.Throwing Away The Day03:42[view lyrics]
6.Facelift06:59[view lyrics]
7.Deceptive Perceptions03:33[view lyrics]
8.Under The Knife02:09[view lyrics]
9.Echoes Of Forever06:00[view lyrics]
Total playing time37:03
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
No hace falta presentación, remasterización de un clásico de clásicos, en exclusiva camaradas!

Nothingness (Mex) - Among the Nebula (2007)

1.The Last Breathing00:50
2.Inflexion of Rules03:02
3.Veins Rupture02:33
4.Criminal Army04:03
5.Fighting to Exist02:37
6.Terror & Confusion03:51
8.Disappear in the Fire03:40
9.Raw Flesh03:51
11.Hidden Track02:26
Total playing time35:42
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Exelente death metal mexicano, trío que debuta este año con su primera placa que recuerda mucho a los viejos tiempos de altar, deicide y centurian, enjoy!

Manitu - Eternal Crying (1998)

This got re-issued with 5 bonustracks.

1.Eternal Crying08:07[view lyrics]
2.Fallen Gods06:11[view lyrics]
3.Dust To Dust07:19
5.Hosanna05:28[view lyrics]
6.The Moon, The Mountain & Me05:45
7.Burning For Die05:59
8.Holy Path07:56
Total playing time52:57
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Exelente black metal colombiano, enjoy!

Dorn - Spiegel der Unendlichkeit (2007)

'Spiegel der Undendlichkeit' means 'mirror of infinity' in English.

1.Eisglanz05:01[view lyrics]
2.Gottkind05:10[view lyrics]
3.K�nigin des Feuers04:35[view lyrics]
4.Windtr�nen04:26[view lyrics]
5.Nachtblut05:14[view lyrics]
6.Winterwacht04:06[view lyrics]
7.Spiegel der Unendlichkeit04:40[view lyrics]
8.Flammender Zorn03:52[view lyrics]
9.Kaltes Herz03:44[view lyrics]
10.Kriecher03:03[view lyrics]
Total playing time43:51
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Black doom alemán, enjoy!

Monstrosity (US) - Spiritual Apocalypse (2007)

Kelly Shaefer of Atheist appears as a guest musician.
1.Spiritual Apocalypse04:02
3.Apostles Of The Endless Night05:51
4.Within Divisions Of Darkness04:19
5.The Inhuman Race05:12
6.Remnants Of Divination06:11
8.Sacred Oblivion03:00
9.The Bloodline Horror06:23
10.Triumph In Black05:30
Total playing time46:02
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
No hace falta presentación!

Asguard - Dreamslave :Awakening (2007)

1.From Chaotic Memory

2.Something In The Past

3.In Two Time


5.Buried Alive


7.Like Fallen Stars

8.Where Everything Was Different

9.November Night

10.Disappearing In The Dark

11.From The Abyss To Misty Heaven

12.Broken Dreams

13.Golden Age (Kreator cover)

14.Run Through The Night (Accept cover)
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Melodic death

Vargr - Wehrmacht Satanas (2007)

1. Infernal Majesty Triumphant 5:13
2. Goat Kommando 3:16
3. The Crushing Weight of Sin 3:43
4. Svavelsjaelar 6:08
5. Svartskrepps 2:01
6. Total Cryptic Darkness 5:05
7. Ritualmord 1:54
8. Panzerkrieg - Bofors Mit Uns! 2:42
9. Faustian Strength 2:15
10. Inverted Eternal 2:25
11. Det Som En Gang Var (Burzum cover) 7:44
Total playing time: 42:26

Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Black de exelente calidad from rusia, enjoy!

Fleshcrawl - Structures of Death (2007)

1.Skulls of the Rotten (Intro)01:21
2.Structures of Death02:40
3.Into the Fire of Hell03:51
4.Written in Blood03:03
5.A Spirit Dressed in Black04:03
7.Into the Crypts of Scattered Souls02:40
8.Anthem of Death04:50
9.Nothing but Flesh Remains03:37
10.Rest in Pain (R.I.P.)03:20
11.About Mortality02:50
12.War of the Dead05:35
Total playing time40:50

Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Exelente death al hueso alemán, enjoy!

Kosa - Evilabsorption (2007)

Evilabsorption cover (Click to see larger picture)

1.Ðîæäåííûé äëÿ ñìåðòè06:23[view lyrics]
2.Íàïîëíåíèå Ñìûñëîì05:21[view lyrics]
3.×åðâîïëîä05:01[view lyrics]
4.Ñåÿ Ïðîêëÿòüå05:07[view lyrics]
5.Ãîðäî Âîëî÷àñü05:44[view lyrics]
6.Êîñòÿìè Íàðóæó05:49[view lyrics]
Total playing time33:27
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Exelente raw black, sucio y blasfemo como tiene que ser, placa debut de esta one man band ucraniana.

Ancienterror - Arguments For Agression [ep] (2007)


01. Burning Jerusalem (03:38)
02. Grave of Pain (02:35)
03. Only Shadows (03:56)
04. Second Comming (04:03)
05. Terminal (05:40)
06. Your God (04:32)
Total playing time: 24:24
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Exelente death thrash Chileno, del bueno! en exclusiva!

Talamyus - In These Days of Violence (2007)

1.Punishable By Death03:09
2.Pride of a Viking04:10
5.God of War06:48
6.In These Days of Violence02:33
7.Sealed In Blood04:43
8.In War, In Death02:52
9.Violent Faith04:52
10.Keep Your Enemy Closer04:36
Total playing time41:01
Download here
pass: cirithgorgor
Exelente viking canadiense, muy agresivos y cero melodía.

Wulfhere - Wer Raste, Der Roste 2004

1.Third Reich Genuflection 05:04
2.Heralds of A New Black Order 03:51[view lyrics]
3.Black Sun Rising 02:40[view lyrics]
4.Cimmeria 02:09
5.Discipline of Steel 02:49
6.Aryan battlement 02:42[view lyrics]
7.At the Mountain of Crom 05:20
8.Bloodstained Idol 03:28[view lyrics]
9.Frembenhaß 01:40[view lyrics]
10.Victory in Vinland 03:22
11.Shameless Fratricide 02:23

Total playing time35:28

pass: vhohell

Genre(s):NS Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):NS, Pagan
Origin: United States of America (California)

Warloghe - Womb of Pestilence 2003

1.Opened And Tainted Graves 05:53
2.Underneath The Seven-Fold Eye 05:28
3.Fires Burn Black 05:04[view lyrics]
4.A Monolith Clad In Fog 02:01[view lyrics]
5.Illuminating Void 04:51[view lyrics]
6.Dark Spires Swirl In The Abyss 07:00[view lyrics]
7.Corpse-Altar-Light 04:31[view lyrics]
8.Lifeless Union 04:30

Total playing time 34:48

pass: vhohell

Genre(s):Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Satanism, Death Worship
Origin:Finland (Jyväskylä)

Nitberg & Volkoten - Tverdost Molota (Split) (2004).

1.To Asgard Flames By Valhalla Blaze07:32
2.The Gready One Would be Unleashed06:04
3.Upon the Edge of Spear06:52
4.The Hammer of My Heart05:41
5.The Skald of the Tragedies04:55

6.By the Mjollnir of Thunder06:24
7.Enemy Gestalt04:09
8.Glacial Buchenwald07:50
9.By the Fire of Superiority05:01

Total playing time 54:28

pass: vhohell

NSBM ruso muy bueno este split

Abgott - Artefact of Madness

Dejamos los productos nacionales por un momento para dedicarnos a este grupo, Abgott, Black metal al hueso, muy flasfemo y sucio! excelente banda de estos Italianos, erradicados en Londres.
1. Iv
2. Kronos Cosmic Throne
3. Church of Necrophilism
4. Experiment in Evil
5. Diabolical Surgery
6. The 9 th gate
7. Black light Scenario
8. Abyss666
9. Dimensional Labyrinth
10. Epitaph
11. Thy infernal Fields
12. Twilight Luciferia
Pass: The Black Legions

miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2007

Poema Arcanus - Telluric Manifesto

Poema Arcanus, gran banda chilena, que hasta el momento a sido su ultimo trabajo, pero se dice que pronto sacaran una nueva placa.
Para los que gustan de un buen doom metal, este album es muy bueno, la atmosferas de sus canciones, mezcladas con la depresion y la desolacion, hacen que contengan un doom metal, excelente!.
1. Dreamsectary
2. Circos
3. Nihil
4. sadiM
5. Absinthe
6. 51% Dead
7. Promised Light
8. Stone and Magma
9. US
Pass: The Black Legions

Garbage Breed - Innocent Shades

Garbage Breed, una excelente banda, para los amantes de Poema Arcanus, este fue el album que sacaron antes de que la banda ejerciera con este nombre.
1. Armygeddon
2. Buried Love
3. Ruined
4. Lament
5. Metropolis
6. Innocent Shades
7. Funeral Flowers
Pass: The Black Legions

martes, 28 de agosto de 2007

Disaster - Criaturas del mal

Disaster, para los amantes del buen Thrash metal! una gran banda chilena proveniente de Melipilla, que sin duda les espera una gran trayectoria, eso esperamos todos los fans de esta excelente banda.

01 - Almas Negras

02 - Criaturas Del Mal

03 - Motosierra del Infierno

04 - Atormentado

05 - Violencia Natural

06 - Thrash Metal

07 - Perversión

08 - Alma Perdida

09 - Mentes Enfermas

10 - Morvosidad

Capricornus & Der Sturmer - Polish - Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G (Split) (2003).

1.Sunwheel On The Helmet Of Steel 04:59
2.War And Courage 05:15
3.When The Hell Is Full 04:59
4.Fenrir Unleashed 01:43

5.Sons Of Thunder 03:27
6.Revenge Burns Eternal 03:45
7.Bis in den Tod 05:26
8.The Nailbomber 04:06
9.H.H.! 02:37

Total playing time 36:17

pass: vhohell

Uno de los mejor y mas perros Splits NSBM.

Black Horizons (Ger) - A Dream's Funeral 2007

1.Frozen Blood 04:14
2.Dreams 05:47
3.Dying Time 04:34
4.Falling 01:09
5.Far away from Life 07:23
6.Prison 06:06
7.Let my Soul bleed 04:49
8.The Tears of Autumn 06:27
9.Nightshade 06:06
10.Blinded by Life 05:11
11.Wicked Eyes 06:22
12.Dying Emotions Domain (Unanimated Cover 04:16

Total playing time 01:02:24

pass: vhohell

Genre(s):Melodic Black/Death
Lyrical theme(s):Suicide, Satanism
Origin: Germany

Dark Fury - Final Solution 2007

1.Profanacja 02:54
2.Challenge 03:17
3.We Will Remember03:24
4.Chaos 02:48
5.We're Going to War02:26
6.Flame of Ancestors 02:16
7.Final Solution 03:38
8.Forgotten Path 02:39
9.End of Lies! 03:43
10.Fatherland 03:03
11.Heritage of Blood 03:09

Total playing time 33:27

pass : vhohell

Genre(s) :National Socialist Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Anti-Christianity, Death, Aryanism
Origin: Poland (Wroc³aw)

Grief of Emerald - Christian Termination 2002

1.Alas, Spiriti Sancti... 04:12 [view lyrics]
2.The Almighty Is Rising 05:14 [view lyrics]
3.Raped by The Servant Of God 04:20 [view lyrics]
4.Scum Of The Earth 04:06[view lyrics]
5.The Cause06:01[view lyrics]
6.Christian Termination05:03[view lyrics]
7.Deformed Imaginations07:26[view lyrics]
8.Consumed By Fire03:53[view lyrics]
9.Those Who Bear The Mark04:42[view lyrics]
10.Humanitys Fall05:28[view lyrics]

Total playing time 50:25

pass: vhohell

Genre(s):Black/Death MetalLyrical theme(s):Anti-Religion
Origin: Sweden (Uddevalla)

lunes, 27 de agosto de 2007

Anti (Ger) - The Insignificance Of Life 2006

1.Nothing04:02[view lyrics]
2.Landscape In Minor05:52[view lyrics]
3.Invocation06:02[view lyrics]
4.Farewell (Escape Into Beyond)06:09[view lyrics]
5.Zero Point03:36[view lyrics]
6.Mourning Soul03:33[view lyrics]

Total playing time 29:16

pass: vhohell

Genre(s).Depressive Black MetalLyrical theme(s):Suicide
Origin:Germany (Leipzig)

domingo, 26 de agosto de 2007


Primer demo de esta banda al parecer, Brutal death proveniente desde Pto. Varas, Agradecimientos al Rodrigo que fue quien me los paso.
01 - Intro - Unbaptized
02 - Repulsiv Anguish - Unbaptized
03 - Aberrant - Unbaptized
04 - Godname - Unbaptized

Pentagram - Demo II

Segundo Demo de esta gran Banda, Luego se vienen mas bandas chilenas!
1.the malefice
3.temple of perdition

jueves, 23 de agosto de 2007

Pentagram - Demo I

Gran Banda Chilena que influencio a bandas como entombed, napalm death entre otras.
Aca esta su primer demo que sacaron desde entonces.

1.fatal predictions
2.demoniac possession
3.spell of the pentagram


miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2007