miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2007

Siebenburgen - Grimjaur

4.Slottet Auragon
5.För Mig...Ditt Blod Utgjutet
6.Dödens Svarta Fana
7.Luna Luciferi
8.I Döden Fann Hon Liv
10.Ibi Cubavit Lamia


Pass: The Black Legions

domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2007

Scanner - Terminal Earth (1989)

1.The Law04:17[view lyrics]
2.Not Alone03:52[view lyrics]
3.Wonder04:07[view lyrics]
4.Buy or Die04:59[view lyrics]
5.Telemania04:36[view lyrics]
6.Touch the Light05:02[view lyrics]
7.Terminal Earth03:51[view lyrics]
8.From the Dust of Ages09:25[view lyrics]
9.The Challenge04:35[view lyrics]
10.L.A.D.Y.04:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time47:19
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Heavy/Power Metal from Germany (Gelsenkirchen/North Rhine-Westfalia)

Scanner - Hypertrace (1988)

1.Warp 704:27[view lyrics]
2.Terrion04:53[view lyrics]
3.Locked Out06:23[view lyrics]
4.Across the Universe03:52[view lyrics]
5.R.M.U.05:46[view lyrics]
6.Grapes of Fear03:58[view lyrics]
7.Retaliation Positive04:25[view lyrics]
8.Killing Fields04:23[view lyrics]
9.Wizard Force04:25[view lyrics]
10.Galactos03:44[view lyrics]
Total playing time46:16
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Heavy/Power Metal from Germany (Gelsenkirchen/North Rhine-Westfalia)Scanner - Hypertrace (1988)

Averse Sefira - Battle's Clarion (2001)

1.Battle's Clarion05:12[view lyrics]
2.Condemned to Glory04:30[view lyrics]
3.Withering, the Storm...02:03
4.Deathymn05:18[view lyrics]
5.The Nascent Ones (The Age of Geburah)05:44[view lyrics]
6.Argument Obscura03:09[view lyrics]
7.The Thousand Aeon Stare01:33
8.Fallen Beneath the Earth03:52[view lyrics]
9....Ablaze03:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time34:59
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from United States of America (Austin, Texas)

Besatt - Sacrifice For Satan (2004)

1.Gloria Causa Satani07:23[view lyrics]
2.Toast of Victory05:33[view lyrics]
3.Time for Gathering05:03[view lyrics]
4.Fallen Angel05:34[view lyrics]
5.The Kingdom of Hatred03:07[view lyrics]
6.The Circle of Disdain02:49[view lyrics]
7.Spiritual Explosion04:38[view lyrics]
8.Hellish Whispers06:18[view lyrics]
Total playing time40:24
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from Poland (Bytom)

Warloghe - The First Possession (1999)

1.Black Metal Hell04:01
2.Once More Against The Light (For Satan)05:22
3.Witchcraft And Blood03:17
4.Tower Of Flies04:29
5.The Hammer Of The Lord Satan03:24
8.The End Of All Life04:12
Total playing time34:16
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from Finland (Jyväskylä)

sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2007

Amulance - The Rage Within and the Aftermath (2007) Best Of

1.Black Moon Rising04:33
2.Living on the Run03:18
3.7-th Son06:01
4.Death Wish03:54
5.Witch's Sin06:11
6.The Rage Within03:55
7.World of Corruption04:04
8.Bounty Hunter04:19
12.Daughter's Hell04:33
Total playing time52:58
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Speed Heavy Metal from United States of America (Aurora, IL)

Devastator (US) - Morbid Force (2007)

1.Demonic Procreation
[view lyrics]
2.Morbid Force
[view lyrics]
3.Revelations of the Serpent's Seal
[view lyrics]
4.Unholy Torment
[view lyrics]
[view lyrics]
6.Lucifer's Legions
[view lyrics]
7.The Final Descension
[view lyrics]
Total playing time48:14

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black/Thrash Metal from United States of America (Florida)

Ghoul-Cult - Ghoul-Cult (2004)

1.Infernal Upheaval05:49
2.Trionfo Della Morte (In Aghast Reverie)04:36
3.Fucked by the Living Dead05:29
4.Night of a Thousand Ghouls05:19
5.When the Bells Chime (...We Return)05:24
6.Dirge for a Funeral Age09:04
7.Storming Through the Bastions02:51
Total playing time39:00
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Death/Thrash Metal from Norway (Asker / Oslo)

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2007

Alcatrazz - Dangerous Games (2007)

1.It's My Life04:05
3.That Ain't Nothing04:20
4.No Imagination04:10
5.Okay Tokyo03:10
6.Dangerous Games03:30
7.Blue Boar03:28
8.Only One Woman03:40
10.Double Man04:25
11.Night of the Shooting Star01:00
Total playing time39:13

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Traditional/shred from United States of America (Los Angeles, CA)

Nefandus - Behold the Hordes (1995)

1.Intro / Behold the Hordes04:59
2.In the Moonlight05:13
3.On the Path to the Other Side04:19
4.Death's Beauty I Met / Outro06:20
Total playing time20:51
Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from Sweden (Norrköping)

Pyracanda - Thorns (1992)

1.At the Abyss05:23[view lyrics]
2.The Dragons Cult05:10[view lyrics]
3.Shut Up!03:29[view lyrics]
4.Two Sides of A Coin05:03[view lyrics]
5.Soulstrip03:44[view lyrics]
6.18 Degrees03:56[view lyrics]
7.Montezumas Revenge04:08[view lyrics]
8.Bad Conscience02:23[view lyrics]
9.Senile Decay05:28[view lyrics]
10.Thorns05:03[view lyrics]
Total playing time43:54

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Thrash Metal from Germany (Koblenz)

E.O.R - W.A.R (With Antichristian Rage) - 2007

1. I am War
2. March of Sorrow
3. Pope Scum (D.E.A.D)
4. Slaughter All Life Forms
5. Exterminate!
6. Heavy Black Machine Gun
7. Anti-Human

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde

Epinikion - Epinikion (2007)

1.The Battlefield (Intro)01:30
2.The Conqueror04:37
4.The Sword05:45
5.The Sorcerer05:10
6.The Beast02:30
9.The City Of Heroes06:11
Total playing time41:54

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Power Metal from Ukraine (Kyyiv)

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2007

Rainbow - Down to Earth (1979)

1.All Night Long03:49[view lyrics]
2.Eyes of the World06:36[view lyrics]
3.No Time to Lose03:41[view lyrics]
4.Makin' Love04:36[view lyrics]
5.Since You Been Gone03:10[view lyrics]
6.Love's No Friend04:52[view lyrics]
7.Danger Zone04:30[view lyrics]
8.Lost In Hollywood04:51[view lyrics]
Total playing time36:05

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) 70s Hard Rock, Heavy Metal (early), AOR (later) from United Kingdom (London)

Sickening - Ignorance Supremacy (2008)

1.Devouring the Existence03:55
2.Left with no Identity05:15
3.Ignorance Supremacy04:29
5.Embraced by Hypocrisy03:02
6.Growing in a Dead Flesh03:58
7.In Torment's Pain03:33
8.Quartered Brains (new version)04:16
Total playing time33:35

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Death Metal from Italy (Florence)

Katharsis (Ger) - 666 (2000)

1.666 (Hohelied der Wiedererweckung)07:01[view lyrics]
2.Thy Horror04:04[view lyrics]
3.Raped By Demons / Massacrament04:31[view lyrics]
4.The Black Grail05:18[view lyrics]
5.Lunar Castles (Harvest)05:16[view lyrics]
6.Nazarene (Into The Flame)05:53[view lyrics]
Total playing time32:03

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from Germany (Zwickau)

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2007

Calvarium Funestus - Opus Domine Satanus (2007)

2.Holocaustic omen04:24[view lyrics]
3.The majestic night of Walpurgis05:35[view lyrics]
4.Wrath of eternal cult05:33[view lyrics]
5.Agios athanatos05:02[view lyrics]
6.Infernal agony05:18[view lyrics]
Total playing time27:38

Get here or die!
Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from Mexico (Veracruz)

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007

Enslaved - Below the Lights

1. As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
2. The Dead Stare
3. The Crossing
4. Queen of Night
5. Havenless
6. Ridicule Swarm
7. A Darker Place
Pass: The Black Legions

Goat Semen - Raids The North - Gigoku No Syuhrai (2007)

1.Pachacamac God

2.Oracle of the Sands

3.Madre Muerte

4.Warfare Noise


6.Apologia Terrorista

7.Goat Semen

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Death/Black Metal from Perú

Amenti - Under the Dying Sun (2007)


2.Solace for the Ignorant

3.Scorched Earth Tactics


5.Amongst the Forgotten

6.Mother: Terra

7.Gods of the New Age

8.Shift the Sands

9.Under the Dying Sun

10.All Shall Fade

Get here or die!

Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Thrash Metal from United Kingdom (Stoke-on-Trent)

vexatum - demo (2007)

1- Destruction and Desolation
2- Sinister Testament

Get here or die!

Pass: theblackhorde
Exelente Brutal death técnico desde Pto Varas, Chile.

V.A - a Tribute To Sarcofago (remastered 2007)

01. Angel Corpse - Desecration of Virgin
02. Drowned - The Laws of Scourge
03. Satyricon - INRI
04. Lustful - Nightmare
05. Impaled Nazarene - The Black Vomit
06. Impurity - Orgy of Flies
07. Exhumed - Sex, Drinks and Metal
08. Sextrash - Satanas (Demo Version)
09. Conqueror - Christ´s Death
10. Mystifier - Satanic Lust
11. Under Threat - Piercings
12. Pathologic Noise - Satanas
13. Black Witchery - The Black Vomit
14. Lethal Curse - Rotting/Sreeches From The Silence
15. Posthumous - Christ´s Death
16. Descerebration - Sex, Drinks and Metal
17. Calvary Death - The God’s Faces
18. Mysteriis - Nightmare

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2007

Deathwitch - Triumphant Devastation (1996)

1.Intro - Black Dawn01:30
2.Triumphant Devastation04:35
3.Flag Of Black Death03:03
4.Unholy Destruction02:29
5.Soul Crusher04:00
6.Bestial Mutilation03:19
7.Storm Of Damnation03:06
8.Infernal Gates Of Evil02:50
9.Under The Black Wings02:32
11.Nocturnal Sacrifice03:38
12.Sadistic Sodomizer03:36
Total playing time37:38

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Thrash/Black Metal from Sweden (Gothenburg)Deathwitch - Triumphant Devastation (1996)

Spider Kickers - VIII Division (2007)

1.Somewhere Must Be God03:58[view lyrics]
2.Woken From The Deep Freeze04:51[view lyrics]
3.Whisky03:32[view lyrics]
4.Mutilate And Eat03:44[view lyrics]
5.VIII DIvision06:48[view lyrics]
6.Reign Of Madness03:08[view lyrics]
7.Mercy Killing05:40[view lyrics]
8.Cheap Row03:35[view lyrics]
Total playing time35:16

Get here or die!!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Thrash/Death Metal from Greece (Ioannina)

Sadomator - Sadomatic Goat Cult (2007)

1.Sadomator Goat (Outro)01:22
2.Incest and Brutality01:02
3.Urine Injected In Cunt02:10
4.Sadomatic Goat Cult02:14
5.Baphomet's Vomit04:32
6.A Thousand Young01:42
7.Nuclear Paradise02:19
8.Hitler's Brain (Intro)00:40
9.Ripped by the Goat (Outro)00:37
10.Emetic Womb of Christ01:57
11.Sexual Metalcoholocaust02:57
12.Phosphorous Heavenly Grace01:57
13.Phallus Goat Hammer01:01
14.Goat Storm Capristallation02:41
15.The Morbid Savouring01:11
16.Into Mental Goatifixion04:1

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Old School Black Metal from Denmark (Glamsbjerg)

Demogorgon (Grc) - Lycaon Pictus (1995)

1.Ancient Time of Ritual05:09
2.Lycaon Pictus04:17
3.Cuon Alpinus (Outro)02:43
Total playing time12:09

get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from Greece (Athens)

Enslaved - Ruun

2.Path To Vanir
3.Fusion Of Sense And Earth
5.Tides Of Chaos
8.Heir To The Cosmic Seed


Pass: The Black Legions

domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2007

Blodfest - I Kong Skjolds Navn (2007)

1.Krigen Os Kalder05:27[view lyrics]
2.Nedfarnes Lig06:48[view lyrics]
3.Hjorthals Sale04:12[view lyrics]
4.Dødsskyggers Kald05:08[view lyrics]
5.Hævnes Med Blod05:38[view lyrics]
7.Ravn Og Ulv05:06[view lyrics]
8.Sønnetabet06:16[view lyrics]
9.Månens Afslutning06:18[view lyrics]
Total playing time49:40

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Old School Black Metal from Denmark (Midtsjaelland)

Abusiveness - Hybris (2007)

2.Blades Of Truth03:36[view lyrics]
3.Legend Of Ages02:32[view lyrics]
4.Millenium Of Disgrace03:04[view lyrics]
6.Stanica04:51[view lyrics]
7.Gorej¹ Wici04:31[view lyrics]
8.Fame Of Arkona03:38[view lyrics]
9.Fire And Blood02:33[view lyrics]
10.16 X 95504:23[view lyrics]
11.Hybris / Postludium04:08[view lyrics]
Total playing time35:00

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Epic Pagan Black Metal from Poland (Lublin)

Moonfog (Svk) - Cadaveric Changes (2007)




3.Death Spots

4.Blood Coagulation


6.Liquid Diffusion

7.Gas Diffusion


9.Autolysis vs. Putrefaction

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Thrash/Death Metal (early) - Brutal Death Metal (now)

Victimizer (Dnk) - Rapid Thrashing Violence (2007)

Rapid Thrashing Violence cover (Click to see larger picture)

1.Hell Made Metal04:25
2.Victimizing Blitzkrieg04:44
3.Evil Has No Boundaries (Slayer cover)02:59
Total playing time16:41

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Speed/Thrash Metal

Blackthrone - Black Metal Juggernaut (2005)

1.Blitzkrieg To Vatican01:36[view lyrics]
2.Hordes Of Werewolves02:57[view lyrics]
3.Blackhole Satan02:46[view lyrics]
4.Funeral Death02:33[view lyrics]
5.Black Metal Juggernaut03:44[view lyrics]
6.Vomito Negro04:36[view lyrics]
7.I Want My Rock Stars Dead03:39[view lyrics]
8.Panzerfisting00:55[view lyrics]
9.Bury You In Hell03:15[view lyrics]
10.Never Die04:18[view lyrics]
Total playing time30:23

Get here or die!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Old School Punk/Thrash/Black Metal

Nidsang - The mark of death (2007)

1.Crush the Masses03:54
2.Filling the Chambers03:40
3.Dawn of the New Era04:02
4.The Mark of Death05:38
5.Vindar fran Helvetet02:53
6.Atra Mors03:56
7.Rising Horns03:48
8.Glorious Destruction03:53
9.Lamb (VON cover)01:23[view lyrics]
10.Whither and Die04:33
Total playing time37:44

Get here or die!!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from Sweden

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2007

Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (1994)

1.Det Som En Gang Var14:21[view lyrics]
2.Hvis Lyset Tar Oss08:05[view lyrics]
3.Inn I Slottet Fra Drømmen07:52[view lyrics]
Total playing time44:30

Get here or die!!
pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal, Ambient from Norway (Bergen)

Bestial Holocaust - Final Extermination (2006)

1.Final Extermination05:46[view lyrics]
2.El Impostor03:19[view lyrics]
3.Masturbaci�n Divina04:35[view lyrics]
4.Reencarnaci�n04:41[view lyrics]
5.Sat�nica Premonici�n04:26[view lyrics]
6.Sentencia de Muerte03:52
7.Templo de Sodoma05:44
8.Misa Negra03:44
Total playing time36:07

pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal from Bolivia (Cochabamba)

Sigh - Hangman's Hymn (2007)

1.Introitus / Kyrie04:30[view lyrics]
2.Inked in Blood03:12[view lyrics]
3.Me-Devil03:17[view lyrics]
4.Dies Irae / The Master Malice05:45[view lyrics]
5.The Memories as a Sinner03:32[view lyrics]
6.Death with Dishonor03:04[view lyrics]
7.In Devil's Arms04:33[view lyrics]
8.Overture / Rex Tremendae / I Saw the World's End06:06[view lyrics]
9.Salvation in Flame / Confutatis05:08[view lyrics]
10.Finale: Hangman's Hymn / In Paradisum / Das Ende05:06[view lyrics]
Total playing time44:13

Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal (early), Post-Black/Avant-Garde Metal (now)Sigh - Hangman's Hymn (2007)

Black Sun - Try Another World (1992)

1. Part of Me
2. Holding My Fate
3. Wicked Charms
4. WOT
5. End This Way
6. All Around The World
7. Stand Up (For Action)
8. Writing On The Wall
9. Sooner Or Later
10. Evil Eyed Girl

pass: theblackhorde

Barastir - Under the Banner of Hate (2007)

1.Under the Banner of Hate

2.Dead Christ

3.Built To Last Forever

4.Christ Scum

Total playing time18:45

pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal

jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2007

Funeral Forest - Against the modern Black Metal (2007)

1.Intro (Into the pagan forest)01:09
2.Simerian hate06:06
3.Misanthropic forest07:38
4.Funeral Holocaust07:01
5.Winter mayhem10:09
6.Outro (Valhalla kingdom of Crom)03:47
Total playing time35:50

pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal

Arkona - From Heart To The Sky (2007)

01 - Покровы Небесного Старца (7:34)
02 - Гой, Купала!!! (3:42)
03 - От Сердца к Небу (5:06)
04 - Ой, Печаль-Тоска (5:33)
05 - Гутсулка (2:44)
06 - Стрела (6:16)
07 - Над пропастью лет (6:40)
08 - Славься, Русь (4:00)
09 - Купала и Кострома (2:29)
10 - Цигулар (Bonus Track Digipack Version) (3:43)
11 - Сва (6:31)
12 - Катится Коло (10:16)


pass: theblackhorde

Final Stand - Final Stand II (2007)

1.In Memory04:53
4.Aryan Man04:31
5.Wistful old Man03:34
8.Surviving the Conflict05:41
9.The Drum and the Gun04:25
10.Call to Arms 203:13
11.Rebel Soldier04:12
Total playing time48:06

pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Heavy/Gothic Metal/Neofolk

Dodsferd - Cursing Your Will To Live (2007)

1.All Of Them Are Dead01:12
2.Hypocritic Shitfuckers Still Breathing07:16
3.You Called It Resurrection, I Call It A Fairytale For Human Parasites, Your Kind!06:37
4.Failure Was Described as Religion, as Heresy08:41
5.I Was Challenged to Enter the Gates of Blasphemy08:01
6.Under A Broken Cross, I Buried Your World06:00
7.Standing at the Ashes of A Forsaken Kingdom09:40
8.Cursing Your Will to Live09:51
9.Your Death, My Propitiation07:46
10.I Kept Standing with Disgust02:52
Total playing time01:07:56

Pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Diabolical Masquerade Discografía

Diabolical Masquerade - Ravendusk in my Heart (1996)

1.The Castle of Blackheim07:14[view lyrics]
2.Blackheims Quest to Bring Back the Stolen Autumn06:17[view lyrics]
3.Beyond the Spiritual Moon00:56
4.The Sphere in Blackheim's Shrine03:32[view lyrics]
5.Under the Banner of the Sentinel03:14[view lyrics]
6.Blackheims Forest Kept the Seasons Forever06:09[view lyrics]
7.The Darkblue Seajourneys of the Sentinel05:02[view lyrics]
8.Blackheims Hunt For Nocturnal Grace07:46[view lyrics]
9.Ravendusk in My Heart02:05[view lyrics]
Total playing time42:15

Diabolical Masquerade - The Phantom Lodge (1997)

1.Astray Within The Coffinwood Mill04:07[view lyrics]
2.The Puzzling Constellation Of A Deathrune06:09[view lyrics]
3.Ravenclaw08:15[view lyrics]
4.The Walk Of The Hunchbacked04:31[view lyrics]
5.Cloaked By The Moonshine Mist05:14[view lyrics]
6.Across The Open Vault And Away...01:52
7.Hater02:38[view lyrics]
8.The Blazing Demondome Of Murmurs And Secrecy05:00[view lyrics]
9.Upon The Salty Wall Of The Broody Gargoyle04:51[view lyrics]
Total playing time42:37

Diabolical Masquerade - Nightwork (1998)

1.Rider on the Bonez05:54[view lyrics]
2.Dreadventurouz05:46[view lyrics]
3.The Zkeleton Keyz to the Dead05:17[view lyrics]
4.Thiz Ghoultimate Omen04:33[view lyrics]
5.All Onboard the Perdition Hearze!04:56[view lyrics]
6.The Eerie Obzidian Circuz05:37[view lyrics]
7.Haunted by Horror06:56[view lyrics]
Total playing time38:59

Diabolical Masquerade - Death's Design (2001)

1.Nerves In Rush00:06
2.Death Ascends - The Hunt (Part I)00:16[view lyrics]
3.You Can't Hide Forever00:24[view lyrics]
4.Right On Time For Murder - The Hunt (Part II)01:31[view lyrics]
5.Conscious In No Materia00:40
6.A Different Plane00:21[view lyrics]
7.Invisible To Us00:41
8.The One Who Hides A Face Inside01:09
9....And Don't Ever Listen To What It Says00:57[view lyrics]
10.Revelation Of The Puzzle00:57[view lyrics]
11.Human Prophecy00:20[view lyrics]
12.Where The Suffering Leads00:19[view lyrics]
13.The Remains Of Galactic Expulsions00:12
14.With Panic In The Heart00:22[view lyrics]
15.Out From The Dark00:46[view lyrics]
16.Still Coming At You00:29[view lyrics]
17.Out From A Deeper Dark00:28[view lyrics]
18.Spinning Back The Clocks01:42[view lyrics]
19.Soaring Over Dead Rooms02:19[view lyrics]
20.The Enemy Is The Earth00:35[view lyrics]
22.All Exits Blocked00:35[view lyrics]
23.The Memory Is Weak00:11
24.Struck At Random / Outermost Fear00:20[view lyrics]
25.Sparks Of Childhood Coming Back00:27
26.Old People's Voodoo Seance01:25[view lyrics]
27.Mary-Lee Goes Crazy00:32
28.Something Has Arrived00:15
29.Possession Of The Voodoo Party00:46
30.Not Of Flesh, Not Of Blood00:50
31.Intact With A Human Psyche01:02
32.Keeping Faith01:07
33.Someone Knows What Scares You00:30[view lyrics]
34.A Bad Case Of Nerves00:50[view lyrics]
35.The Inverted Dream / No Sleep In Peace00:16[view lyrics]
36.Information00:17[view lyrics]
37.Setting The Course00:52[view lyrics]
38.Ghost Inhabitants00:50
39.Fleeing From Town01:02[view lyrics]
40.Overlooked Parts00:50
41.A New Spark - Victory Theme (Part I)00:49
42.Hope - Victory Theme (Part II)01:01[view lyrics]
43.Family Portraits - Victory Theme (Part III)00:36
44.Smokes Start To Churn00:08
45.Hesitant Behaviour01:35[view lyrics]
46.A Hurricane Of Rotten Air00:19
47.Mastering The Clock00:55
48.They Come, You Go02:11[view lyrics]
49.Haared El Chamon00:20
50.The Egyptian Resort00:35[view lyrics]
51.The Pyramid00:24[view lyrics]
52.Frenzy Moods And Other Oddities01:10[view lyrics]
53.Still Part Of The Design - The Hunt (Part III)00:18
54.Definite Departure00:37
55.Returning To Haared El Chamon00:45[view lyrics]
56.Life Eater00:32[view lyrics]
57.The Pulze00:27[view lyrics]
58.The Defiled Feeds00:36[view lyrics]
59.The River In Space00:56
60.A Soulflight Back To Life01:18[view lyrics]
61.Instant Rebirth - Alternate Ending00:06
Total playing time43:24

Pass for All: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Avant-garde Atmospheric Black Metal

Dementer - Beautiful (2007)

Pass: theblackhorde
Symphonic Gothic Metal from Serbia

martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007

Mutiilation - New False Prophet (2000)

7" EP limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
1.New False Prophet06:45[view lyrics]
2.Glorious Evil Time04:29
Total playing time11:14

pass: theblackhorde
Genre(s) Black Metal
Requested By Lugubre